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Everyday over 600 people work to consolidate and develop our excellence in the power generation market. We believe that hiring highly motivated, diverse people is critical to our success. 

For all positions we are seeking qualified, talented people who want to share our commitment to teamwork, excellence and continuous learning.

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You will find opportunities for all levels of application, from entry level positions to highly skill jobs.

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Recruitment process

Turbomach recruitment process is designed to find highly skilled, motivated and diverse people. We seek out the best talents through the following channels: online applications, Career Days, newspaper and website postings, recruitment agencies and employee referrals.

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Professional Areas

Thanks to our worldwide presence, we offer interesting job opportunities both in our Swiss Headquarters and in our subsidiaries worldwide for the following professional areas:

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Manage & Compensate

Travel Safety and Health Prevention
All Turbomach employees worldwide benefit from a comprehensive support when travelling to foreign locations, including sickness and accidents coverage, assessment of local medical support, proactive travel risk management and monitoring. We also provide various training programmes on health and safety related issues.

We are competing within an international labour market and thus have a compensation and insurance system which is competitive and flexible. The annual employee performance appraisal enables us to manage compensation in line with performance. We offer well-positioned social insurance and modern pension systems.

Work-Life Balance
At Turbomach we believe that employees' private and professional life should have a healthy balance, hence we support flexible working conditions. Our policy enables our employees to reconcile their private, family and social committment with their career.


A feedback based structure allows our employees and our managers to develop their career on a SMART-goal base definition.

Turbomach offers to employees the opportunity to deal with challenging professional goals, in line with the company vision.


Talent evaluation

A consistent and complete promotability evaluation, based on facts and data allows the identification of talent earlier in the careers. Our procedures and solutions guarantee a cyclic and regular occasion for potential evaluation.

Assessment opportunities are offered to our employees in order to allow professional growth and development. Our assessment process  generally focuses on past achievements and future career plans.


Train & Develop

Turbomach has a well structured offer in the area of Training & Development. Our company's success is supported by a comprehensive training catalogue, organized in four levels:

1. Basic skills
We want our employees to excel in transferable skills, such as general IT skills and language capabilities. This effort is supported by an extensive training offer throughout the organization.

2. Technical skills
Specific technical trainings are offered according to the state of the art and constant benchmarking in all our fields of activity.

3. Personal & Interpersonal skills
Interpersonal skills are considered the key to successful interaction with customers, suppliers and colleagues and are therefore an important part of our training curricula.

4. Managerial skills
Our employees' development is a fundamental responsibility for our managers. They are supported in this paramount activity by complete and attractive leadership, training and coaching.

As part of Caterpillar Group, in our company you will have also the opportunity to acces the Solar Turbines training curriculum and Caterpillar's training catalogs.

Solar Turbines training curriculum 

Caterpillar's training catalogs


Global Mobility

An international world

With 47 nationalities and a strong presence on all continents, Turbomach has a truly diverse and dynamic workforce.

Our internal mobility is supported by robust development programmes, a transparent job posting system, an integrated compensation system and flexible career planning tools.

International perspective development is a strategic leadership value. Our multicultural work environment supports our professional skills development.

A worldwide Group presence allows Turbomach employees to gain challenging work experiences in our Headquarters or overseas, in one of our subsidiaries. Our opportunities also encompass Solar Turbines and Caterpillar openings worldwide.