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Cogeneration and power generation with gas turbines provide a substantial contribution to sustainable development

Substantial contribution to sustainable development

Cogeneration substantially improves your total energy efficiency and drastically reduces CO2 emissions from your operations.
Our industrial gas turbines can burn a wide range of gaseous, liquid and renewable fuels and achieve very low emission levels.

Gas turbines provide cleaner power

Generating power with our highly flexible gas turbines contributes to sustainable development.
This enables you to meet your growing needs for greater power, efficiency and availability while helping to protect our environment.

Clean Combustion

Solar gas turbines equipped with SoLoNOx dry lean-premixed combustion systems achieve very low emissions of NOx and CO pollutants throughout a wide operating range. This advanced combustion technology, well proven with over 1800 installed units, is available as an option for most of our gas turbine models.

Clean Fuels

Natural Gas
Burning natural gas reduces CO2 emissions by over 30% compared to burning oil. And natural gas is 50% cleaner compared to burning coal.

Renewable Fuels
Utilizing biogas or waste gases such as landfill gas, coke oven gas or coal-mine gas, advanced gas turbine technology enables sustainable production by burning these otherwise harmful gases and converting them into useful energy.

Cogeneration is more efficient

Cogeneration systems - also called combined heat and power systems - generate both, heat and electrical power. While the gas turbine drives an electrical generator to provide electrical power, the exhaust heat of the gas turbine is further utilised to reach total plant efficiencies of up to 90%.This efficient form of energy conversion achieves primary energy savings of over 40% by using a cogeneration system instead of separate power and heat generation.

Turbomach's comprehensive product line along with innovative engineering expertise, provides an optimised solution for your specific energy needs. The more closely your plant meets your energy requirements, the higher the overall efficiency. Better efficiency means less fuel burned per megawatt generated and less CO2 emissions.

By providing energy with a cogeneration plant, you can substantially improve the total energy efficiency, and reduce drastically the CO2 emissions of your operations.

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