With our advanced maintenance technology and world-class processes, we go beyond just keeping your turbine running smoothly.

We optimize its lifetime value, to help you get the most from it.


Maintenance Friendly Package Design

Our industrial gas turbine packages are designed with ease of maintenance first in mind. Uptime is maximised; your package provides greater productivity.

Global Coverage

Around-the-clock, anywhere in the world, highly trained technicians provide assistance from the service location closest to you. This keeps your equipment running with maximum uptime.

On-Site With Insight System

Leveraging the experience accumulated over 1.4 billion operating hours, InSight System enables a transition from reactive time-based maintenance programs to one that is pro-active and condition-based.

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Supply of Certified Service Parts

Strategically located warehouses worldwide, enable prompt delivery of any part when required making certain your gas turbine operates with maximum up-time. When required Turbomach can also provide lease or exchange turbines in emergency situations.

Equipment Overhaul

Overhaul involves the inspection, testing and repair or replacement of gas turbine components.

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Gas Turbine Exchange Program

Designed to maximise availability, our gas turbine exchange program delivers to you a completely overhauled gas turbine configured to your needs and guaranteed to meet our latest product specifications.

Gas Turbine Field Repair

Conducted by dedicated teams of specialists, our gas turbine field repair program provides on-site troubleshooting repair in less time and at less cost that returns your engine to service.

Package Refurbishment & Modifications

New technologies are made available to owners of our gas turbine packages as upgrades or retrofits to improve the performance of your equipment. Learn more about Upgrades, Retrofits and Plant Modifications.

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Turbomach Refurbishment 

Supplies refurbished gas turbine packages for sale and refurbishes any customer-owned Turbomach turbomachinery product.

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