Modules Upgrade, Packge Relocation, Filtration and Cooling

Package Upgrade

Add Flexibility to Your Operations

Substantial research and development has been undertaken in our package systems which can help to make your business more sustainable. An engine power uprate, combined with an upgrade of your equipment, means increased KW output from your package. While a combustion system conversion from conventional to SoLoNOx™ dry low-emission combustion system, reduces NOx and CO emissions, giving you more permitting options while helping to improve air quality. Turbomach has a long history of installing gas turbines around the world using a broad range of gaseous and liquid fuels.

Package Relocation

Relocation to your next destination

Package relocation is challenging whenever you need to move or transfer your gas turbine package from the existing site to its next destination. It involves many issues like dismounting the package, disconnection, packing, transportation, erection on new site and re-commissioning. Package relocation is a very complex activity within our service offering due to safety and expertise required for each individual project. It is important to manage the process and address each factor precisely. Identifying alternatives and making prompt decisions are the key drivers for successful relocation. Our team of Engineers, Supply Chain and Logistics experts can manage your relocation planning and delivery on time and within budget. Our global service network of Field Service Representatives operates worldwide and around-the-clock to support your relocation needs.

Air Filtration Modification

Enhanced Performance and Durability

Clean air is critical to maximizing engine power and ensuring durable operation.  Modern advanced air filtration systems will prevent harmful contaminants from entering the turbine and minimize turbine fouling.  Our filter structure modification program is delivered according to your individual system requirements. We supply an economical solution that is customized for your package taking advantage of Turbomach’s extensive field experience.

Air Cooling System

New solution for air cooling system

Ambient temperature affects power output and heat rate drastically. Cool inlet air can enable higher power and better efficiency. As the turbine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we have developed a variety of air cooling systems to improve gas turbine performance. We can provide an air inlet cooling solution without adverse effects such as water and/or ice ingestion.

Our solutions include:
Evaporative cooling – an adiabatic process that utilizes the exchange of energy between water and air to reduce air temperature;
Cooling Coil – a heat exchange process that can be combined with chillers or process water.


Complete OEM Solution

As part of the complete OEM solution, Turbomach offers retrofit kits developed to upgrade your turbine and generator package sub-system. Our extensive and international maintenance network of Customer Services provide prompt and reliable services based on several years of experience servicing gas turbine power generation and cogeneration installations. We keep your turbines running, support for the maintenance and operation of your equipment, based on advanced maintenance technology, long term service commitment, and global service network.

Costumer Services offer global coverage with around the clock assistance, supply of certified spare parts, equipment overhaul, gas turbine exchange program, gas turbine field repair, long term service agreements, and a variety of Expanded Services.

The “Package Renewal and Upgrade” (PRU) is a dedicated Turbomach department focused on goods and services to support upgrades, retrofits, plant modifications and everything additional to the standard Customer Service offerings. We are focused on leveraging  pre-engineered solutions and customized interventions specifically developed by our dedicated and highly qualified team to support increasing operational requirements for any kind of application reducing machine down-time while matching optimized expected performances.

All the services are driven by our Customer’s business requirements and satisfaction. Our goal is to meet your operational expectations with the optimized performance of gas turbine package, maximizing the value of the existing equipment.