Upgrades, Retrofits, and Plant Modifications

Turbomach provides technological enhancements to improve the flexibility, performance and reliability of existing generator packages and associated plant equipment.

Advanced control system solution

The control system upgrade is a dedicated Turbomach service to renew your old control system package keeping it up-to-date and outfitted with latest technology. As a responsible Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Turbomach brings formidable knowledge and experience to every project. Our people know every engineering detail of our products and they also know the theoretical and practical performances of every Turbomach package. Our extensive trained service engineers are available to prepare your renewal project for successful future

Onsite Package Refurbishment

Refurbish the package with reduced downtime

Your package has delivered steady, reliable performance for many years but during that time expectations for production, productivity, uptime and service life have increased. Power generation field and its conditions have dramatically changed which concern equipments budgets that are under constant pressure. It is hard to keep up with the demand and plan for growth while protecting your bottom line without a package refurbishment. We understand that your daily production is an important part of your business and any downtime can reduce your profitability. You can enhance the productivity of your old package while matching your current and future needs. We are investing continually in our people, processes (sigma 6) and tools to deliver higher performance, availability of machine to potentially maximize profit and productivity of your business. Extend the life of your package to produce more while achieving the latest standards for efficiency, safety and compliance.

Power Uprate

Uprate your Turbomach package

Economical growth trend is moving up-wards the demand of energy and its always a challenge to be more productive. A power uprate of the gas turbine in your Turbomach package can enhance not only its performance, reliability and maintainability, but also improve its durability, safety and environmental compliance. We are prepared to support your business success in order to fulfill your forthcoming requirement because we know your potential need is increasing. Uprating your existing turbine could be less costly than upgrading to a larger unit; in fact, your uprated turbine fits within the same skid configuration with no need for new construction or enclosure modifications. With the Engine Exchange fleet Turbomach can minimize the downtime by delivering a completely overhauled and uprated gas turbine to your site.

Controls Upgrades

If your Turbomach gas turbine package has an older control system, you can upgrade it to the latest controller technology through Turbomach's controls retrofit program.

A state-of the art microprocessor-based control retrofit system is available from Turbomach that can be used to replace your obsolete or aging control systems. Offered as part of our on-going improvement programs, Turbomach's latest TumaTronicSystem control system offers improved reliability, enhanced operational flexibility, user-friendly interface and expanded communication capabilities that allow for remote control and system management.

Due to its flexibility, we are able to provide TTS controls for:

  • Turbomachinery package
  • Central station
  • Fully integrated vibration and condition monitoring system.

Vibration monitoring allows you to minimize equipment downtime and maintenance costs through early detection and correction of potential malfunctions. These systems are brought to latest standing with controls upgrade. 


Alone or as part of a larger scope project, Turbomach carefully tailors controls upgrades to meet customer-specific requirements. With an extensive range of options and custom features, your new TTS system will provide you with many benefits, including:

  • Integrated controls
  • Remote network / dial-up display and control
  • Intelligent design automation (IDA)
  • Stop action playback of historical databases
  • Enhanced communications capabilities
The Complete Solution

As an experienced Original Equipment Manufacturer in the industrial gas turbine business, Turbomach has been designing, producing, installing and supporting control system upgrades throughout its decades of turbomachinery industry leadership. Over time, we have continuosly developed and grown our controls capabilities with knowledge, innovation, and experience seamlessly exchanged between new design and our existing fleet of more than 800 packages.

Our experience indicates that many customers are most satisified when all of the project details are identified, planned for and managed from project initiation. Thus, Turbomach has created for you the "complete solution" control retrofit program to include:

  • New interconnect wiring
  • Package rewiring
  • Package device upgrades
  • Onsite installation
  • Complete package drawings
  • Operator's guide and parts list

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