Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I know which solution better fits to my needs?

A: You can contact one of our offices and we will help you in analyzing your need and finding out the best solution for you.


Q: Are your products certified for operating in my country?

A: Our products are manufactured according the European Directives and all of them have the CE-mark and the GOST-R certificates. For any further request our experts are able to verify and take into consideration the requirements. Our organisation is certified according the ISO 9001:2000 and the OHSAS 18001:1999


Q: A Solar gas turbine can be operated only by burning Natural gas?

A: Natural gas is the most common fuel for our turbines but there are many alternative fuels that can be burned, i.e. Diesel Kerosene, Boi Gas, Low Btu Gas, LPG, LNG and others.  We will advise if your fuel is suitable for installing a cogeneration plant.


Q: Do I need big civil works for installing a Turbomach package?

A: No, you just have to prepare a flat concrete basement and 6 vibration dampers will be placed between the base frame and the flat floor without additional fixing devices.


Q: Which is the range of ambient temparature your package can work with?

A: Our product can operate within an extremely wide ambient temperature range, as shown by our worldwide spread fleet, and by our several installations in extremely cold environment (Russia & Scandinavian countries) as well as in desertic areas.


Q: How can I select and site a cogeneration system?

A: Selecting and sizing a cogeneration system is done as follows:

  • Develop the plant annual and daily electrical load profiles as well as the corresponding load duration curves.
  • Identify plant max, medium and min. average electric load.
  • Identify the thermal load types (i.e. hot gases, hot air, steam, hot water) as well as their corresponding conditions (pressure, temperature, quality)
  • Develop the thermal load profiles of the identified thermal load as well as the corresponding load duration curve.

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