Package Refurbishment

Turbomach's Refurbishment Business supplies refurbished gas turbine packages for sale, and refurbishes any customer-owned Turbomach turbomachinery product complete with warranty coverage at a very affordable price.

Turbomach provides refurbished packages for customers seeking a low-cost solution while gaining the operating benefits of improved performance and reliability. Turbomach's Riazzino, Switzerland facility restores and upgrades older generator sets to condition needed by client.


The gas turbine, generator and associated systems and components are overhauled or updated to appropriate condition, providing an anticipated life expectancy equivalent to that of a new equipment package. Also, control systems are provided for turbine package operation and protection. Package electrical and control systems are manufactured and assembled to CE standards, and Turbomach can provide appropriate certifications for CE requirements.

Additionally, lead-time for delivery is typically 13 to 15 weeks, which is significantly shorter than most new equipment orders.

The Value of Package Refurbishment

In general, the package refurbishment process can provide a beneficial solution for customers with a great variety of business needs. Whether you are a Turbomach user looking to revitalize and enhance your existing packages, or you require a rapid deployment to service a critical need, Turbomach's package refurbishment will offer the flexibility to assure that your needs are met and exceeded.

Customer-Owned Packages

The customer specifies the scope of work - from limited refurbishment and warranty - to complete turbine package refurbishment that would have similar warranty terms as a new package. This service can be provided on the full spectrum of Turbomach's product families.

Package Refurbishment Process

Detailed assessment of unit's condition

- Package disassembly
- Component remanufacture or replacement
- Gas turbine overhaul
- Gearbox/OEM driven equipment overhaul

Cleaning and Painting

- Paint and surface contaminants removed
- Package surfaces repainted to Turbomach's original high quality standards


- Rebuilt or reconfigured for new application
- Components assembled with new tubing, hoses and cable
- Qualified technicians and engineers ensure proper assembly


- Static test of package and control system
- Gas turbine and Rear Gear Box performance test
- Generator test by OEM


- Complete set of drawings (electrical and mechanical installation)
- Full set of Operation and Maintenance Instruction (OMI)
- Updated supplementary data CD-ROM available


Total Package Refurbishment Options

- Gas turbine overhaul and performance test

- SoLoNOx combustion system upgrade (optional)

- Generator upgrade or replacement

- Control system

- Component remanufacture or replacement

- Upgrade of package system (start, fuel, lube, seal)

- Package enclosure with latest fire protection system (optional)

- Ancillary systems (inlet filter, silencer, exhaust system, oil cooler)

- Complete set of new drawings and manuals

- Equipment warranty coverage equivalent to new packages

To discuss the many ways Turbomach's package refurbishment can work for you, please contact your local representative.